Conte: Chelsea Must Seek United First New City

Conte: Chelsea Must Seek United First New City

Chelsea seem to have been far enough away from Manchester City, which is dipuncak Premier League standings And according to manager Antonio Conte, his squad will now focus on chasing the nearest team, namely Manchester United.

Where, in the Premier League standings, Chelsea finished third with 26 points, 11 points from City and six points from United.

“We have to focus on ourselves and not the other teams. Our target should now look at it that is near us. In this case, Manchester United, “Conte told local media.

“Our first target is to pursue them, if we can do it, then we can try to chase the team above us again.”

Conte also hinted at the mentality to win on his players to be able to pursue points.

“It’s about our mentality and in every fight we have to try to win and to bestow the ability. There must be a right mentality, a mentality to win. “

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